Our vets are mobile!

Imagine trying to get your dog to the vet, he shakes and shivers all the way there, puts on the brakes at the front door and plays up in the waiting room! Or maybe you have a multi-pet household and they are all due for annual vaccinations at the same time.  You put off booking them in because you're dreading the struggle of taking them all to the clinic together.

Or maybe your old friend is just unable to get in the car any more. 

These scenarios are all too common and now we've got the solution;  bring the vet to you!  The Vet Clinic now offers home visits for various services across the Barossa and surrounding areas by appointment.  We can perform any of the following on our mobile visit:

  • Vaccinations
  • General check ups
  • Blood testing
  • skin checks, ear checks/smears etc...
  • Minor procedures such as hot spots, skin scrapes etc...
  • euthanasias

We also offer a pick up and drop off service for a small fee.

If you find it difficult or stressful bringing your pet to the vet and would like to book our mobile vet to come to you, or if you would just like some more information on our mobile service then give us a ring on 85643488

The Vet Clinic provides quality professional vet care in a friendly compassionate environment and now offers a travelling vet as well!