Meet Our Team


Chris van Tonder


Chris joined us in December 2014 and keeps telling us he is never leaving! (we said Yay!)Originally ...

Jasmin Hooper


Jasmin joined us in late 2014 as a locum to help out for a few months while we searched for our new forever vet and as she was pregnant at the time we knew we would have to say goodbye when that time came.  Thankfully though, Jasmin enjoyed working at our little clinic and was keen to come back after her baby was born. 

Back on board part time now, Jasmin is a pleasure to have around. Always calm and level headed, Jasmin is happy to take on any situation that comes through our doors, and has that true Barossa can-do attitude.  Efficient and experienced,  Jasmin manages even our busiest days with a smile on her face.  When the need arises, Jazz knows she has several keen Aunties ready to babysit her adorable little girl!

When not at work, Jazz enjoys being a new Mum and spending time on the farm with her husband, Peter.


Suzanne Luce

Practice Owner

Suzanne walked through the doors of The Vet Clinic in the middle of 2007 and quickly decided to stay for good.  In fact she loved the clinic so much that she bought it in 2011! 

Suzanne had been a vet nurse in her native country Canada and then in New Zealand where she lived for 7 years before coming to Australia.  She has developed great nursing skills and is comfortable handling any situation that walks through the doors.  These days, although she is spending more time working as a business manager, she will still always find time to give the patients a cuddle!

In February 2013 Suzanne opened For Pets Sake, our pet supplies store, and continues to run both the store and clinic today.  

When Suzanne is not busy managing the businesses, she enjoys taking time out to go to the beach with her two dogs, doing a spot of fishing or just relaxing at home with the dogs and her two cats.





Skye Evans

Veterinary Practice Manager

Skye started working at The Vet Clinic in 2006 as our after school cleaner and quickly rose up through the ranks to become an experienced vet nurse and now practice manager.

Alway calm, she takes everthing in her stride without skipping a beat and always remembers the little things that the rest of us are liable to forget!  Skye has developed amazing organisational skills and has a keen ability to keep us all working seamlessly!  Skye has become a confident, reliable veterinary nurse and an invaluable part of our team.

A local girl through and through, her family have been on the land in the Barossa since the mid 1800's.  Skye knows the Barossa and its people like the back of her hand!  When not at work Skye loves to head off to town to dance the night away and always enjoys a big sleep in when possible!

Sue Baxter

Veterinary Nurse

Sue is a kind and gentle soul.  She is a natural listener but can also have an interesting story ready to tell!  Sue is a fantastic nurse and has a natural compassion for our patients in need of a cuddle, with a special affection for the geriatrics. 

Sue now spends most of her time at our pet store but still helps us out at the clinic whenever needed.  Sue is a wealth of information and experience and will always steer you in the right direction when it comes to your pet's needs. 

Vegetarian Sue has fulfilled her lifelong dream of living in an old church with the purchase of a property on the flats.  She shares this with her 3 cats, her dogs Alfie, Bodie and Moo, her chickens and a menagerie of other rescue animals!

Kerrie Shepherdson

Veterinary Nurse

Kerrie is a blast from our past!  After several years working with The Vet Clinic in the late 2000's, Kerrie and Family sadly left us to move to NSW.  But it wasn't long before the call of the beautiful Barossa had them moving back and we didn't hesitate to snap her back up!

Kerrie has nursed both small and large animals over many years and continues to love the clinic life and job.  She is a very competent nurse who can manage anything that comes her way.  And best of all she does so with a non-stop smile on her face.  Kerrie certainly knows how to make our days fun no matter how hectic things may get. 

When not at work, Kerrie enjoys spending time with her family and working with her horses.

Peanut Butter

Client Relations

Peanut Butter was brought in by a local business where she had been spending many hours attempting to solicit some tasty treats.  Peanut was a very affectionate and healthy looking cat but after a couple of weeks with us, it became apparent that she did not have a home of her own. 

During those few weeks with us, Peanut quickly worked her way into our hearts with her silly antics, endless cuddles and adorable meow!  She needed a new home and it looked like she had found it.   Peanut now spends her time perusing our patients both in the waiting room and hospital, ready with a cuddle for dogs that look like they need one and equally ready to try and steal their food when they are not looking!  She loves to keep us company during our lunch breaks and loves giving head massages with her paws.  If only she could learn how to keep her own head clean!

There's never a dull moment in the clinic with Peanut around!

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